Fleet Technical Pilot – (B747-400)

Job Description

We are delighted to advertise our new position of Fleet Technical Pilot as an opportunity internally to all our Pilots. The Fleet Technical Pilot plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of One Air’s B747-400 fleet. They are responsible for providing technical guidance, training, and support to flight crews, maintenance teams, and other personnel. This position requires a thorough understanding of aircraft systems, performance parameters, and regulatory compliance.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Advise the Director of Flight Operations (DFO) regarding current and future fleet technical matters.
  • Interface between the One Air Flight Operations Department, CAMO, and Training Departments.
  • In conjunction with the DFO, the production of Operations Manuals B and C amendments, including the promulgation of Notice to Aircrew and Temporary Revisions.
  • In conjunction with the DFO, review and maintain the manuals provided by the aircraft manufacturer including the MEL, CDL, AFM, FCOM and FCTM.
  • Liaising with regulatory authorities, aircraft manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers as required.
  • Performance engineering for airport and route performance requirements and runway characteristics, including supporting the publication and updating crew guidance material for operating along certain routes and airspace.
  • Prepare reports on aircraft technical issues and recommendations for improvements.
  • In collaboration with the DFO, liaising with the Flight Safety Pilot and Safety & Compliance departments on matters concerning FDM and MORs/ASRs.
  • Participate in safety audits and investigations including continuous and proactive involvement/contribution to the Safety Management System and Compliance Monitoring System as required.
  • Work closely with other departments to enhance overall fleet performance.
  • Act as a resource during emergency situations, assisting flight crews in handling technical emergencies and providing guidance to resolve critical issues.
  • Supporting the EFB administrator in routine maintenance tasks relating to the Aircraft Electronic Flight Bag.

Key Skills, Qualifications and Experience:

Pilot Qualifications: Hold a valid Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with Boeing B747-400 Type Rating.

Flight Experience: One Air Technical pilots will demonstrate substantial flight and operational experience, including flight hours and experience on Boeing wide bodied aircraft.

Technical Knowledge: You will be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of aircraft systems, avionics, aerodynamics, and flight mechanics; be familiar with the aircraft design, performance and mass and balance limitations, and emergency procedures. Knowledge of the content and structure of the aircraft manufacturers documentation.

Communication Skills: Highly effective communication is essential for collaboration with engineering teams, flight crews, and other One Air departments. You will need to convey technical information clearly and concisely at all levels of the One Air Team.

Analytical Skills: Technical pilots must possess strong analytical skills to evaluate aircraft performance data, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions during flight observations and evaluations. You will provide guidance to the DFO on innovation and Standard Operating Procedures. The ability to use Microsoft tools including excel with excellent knowledge of Centrik is essential in order to demonstrate your Technical evaluations.

Safety Focus: Safety is a top priority in One Air, and our technical pilots must prioritise safety in all ground evaluations and flight operations. They must adhere to safety protocols, conduct risk assessments, and ensure the well-being of the flight crew and aircraft.

Adaptability: You will demonstrate adaptability and capability to be able to handle different scenarios crucial for this role, whilst maintaining our company standards and values.

Teamwork: Technical pilots will work as part of the One Air team and also be able to work independently, so good teamwork and interpersonal skills are essential for effective cooperation and so will be the ability to work effectively without close supervision.

If you feel you have the skills and can evidence our Values and the Technical knowledge required for the role, we would love to hear from you. The role would be supplementary role to your main Pilot Contract of employment and you would be rostered 2 weeks flying and 2 weeks office duties managed from home or at Hampton Wick offices as required. An additional supplementary  payment of £24,000.00 p.a. would be offered with this role. To apply please email a covering letter detailing your Technical Skills and Knowledge you believe you have in support of your application to Simon Robinson at hr@oneair.aero

Closing date is 10th November 2023.

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