Adrian Sharrott

Board Advisor

Adrian has nearly 50 years’ experience working in the aviation industry, both as a senior airline training captain and examiner (Britannia Airways, later Thomson Airlines and then TUI), but also as an independent management consultant.

Adrian worked with the team at Smiths Industries (later GE Aviation) for over 25 years as well as spending nearly 10 years with Boeing, specialising in the development of Flight Management Systems (FMS) and advanced navigation concepts with ICAO, Eurocontrol, and the FAA as well as with other regulators and operators globally.

More recently, since 2015, he has headed up the team at Total AOC (now Trustflight) specialising in setting up AOC’s worldwide and providing specialist consultancy services to a wide range of global clients. Adrian was a founder member of One Air team and serves as a Board Advisor.  

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